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Changes to incident reporting site

The HSE has updated its incident reporting platform.

Why has it done this and is there anything to watch out for if you need to make a report?

A change to the law?

It’s the system that’s being overhauled and not the legislation; the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) are not affected.

The system has been upgraded as the HSE’s previous version had always run with compatibility issues on certain browsers, and therefore users had problems completing forms, mistakes were often made, and inaccurate reports were filed.

The new system has been subject to extensive testing and these issues should have now been ironed out.

The changes to the system came with a fresh warning as to how the HSE uses the information contained within the reports. The HSE says that data contained within the reports is used to identify, when and where risks are likely to arise, and whether they need to be investigated. In short, the reports will dictate where its inspectors choose to visit.

Therefore, if you have to report an incident under RIDDOR, assume that it will be followed up by the HSE, either by phone or by an inspector in person.

We would recommend that you always check the explicit requirements on the HSE’s website before making a report. You should only make a report if you’re required to if you are unsure you can speak to Spectra beforehand.

The one major change is that the previous system would email a copy of the completed report to the individual who filed it. This will no longer happen. To retain a copy of your report you will need to download a copy of the form at the point of submission.

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