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Coronavirus HR FAQs

In addition to the more general Coronavirus updates being published on our website we thought it may be useful to list out some of the more common questions are consultants are receiving. We’ll continue to update this page.

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An employee has been advised to self-isolate but is insisting on coming into work. Can I send them home and what will I have to pay them?

If they’ve been advised to self-isolate, then tell them that they must not come into work as by doing so they could putting the rest of your employees at risk.  This absence should be treated as sick leave and paid accordingly.

I have part-time staff and zero hours employees, are they entitled to SSP if they have to self-isolate?

They may be entitled to SSP if they have average weekly earnings of at least £118 ( before tax) calculated over the appropriate pay reference period.

What happens if I don’t have enough work, can I lay staff off or reduce their hours?

Yes, if you have the contractual right to do so.  If you do not have this covered in your employment contracts you should take further advice on how to manage this situation.

Can staff insist on taking holidays if I have no work for them?

No, if you can’t afford to pay holiday pay then you can refuse holiday requests.

Can I force a pay cut?

No, but you can consult with staff in order to vary their terms and conditions.

If I have to lay staff off, do I have to give notice or go through a selection process?

It is not always possible to give notice.  In terms of selection, this process differs from selection for redundancy but steps should be taken to so as to avoid any conflict, leading to grievances or potential discrimination claims.

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