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Do you have an employee handbook detailing company policies and procedures?

Having a comprehensive employee handbook is essential for all employers. Detailing your policies and procedures provides your employees with answers to common questions and lets them know how they are expected to conduct themselves while at work, making it easier for you to address concerns with your employees as they arise and also to nip issues in the bud.

An employee handbook can prevent problems occurring for an employer because it ensures that all employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner, it also provides legal protection to the business by reducing your vicarious liability.

Among other things, your employee handbook should cover your annual leave policy; dress code; expenses policy; disciplinary and grievance policies; absence management policy; bullying and harassment policy; anti-bribery policy and GDPR policy.

However, your employee handbook shouldn’t just be a long list of ‘what not to do’. It’s also a chance to express your company mission, and workplace culture.

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