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How to reassure customers your small business is COVID-19 secure

Letting your customers know you are COVID-secure is crucial as businesses slowly start to reopen and welcome customers back in.

As businesses continue to operate under COVID-secure guidelines, it’s going to be crucial for your business to maintain customer confidence. The Government has released detailed guidance on how different sectors in England can work safely during coronavirus.

Following government guidelines is key for protecting your customers when they visit your premises, but how can you reassure them that you have taken all the right safety precautions?

Clear communication

Your health and safety procedures will be vital to reassure your customers. Make people aware of the new processes you have put in place to reopen your business, like social distancing, hand sanitiser or any necessary PPE.

Tell customers about the risk assessment you have carried out to be COVID-19 secure, as this reassures them you are following all the government guidance.

  • Place a poster in your window to demonstrate your awareness of the guidance and commitment to safety measures
  • Ensure employees and customers follow social distancing of two metres (or one metre plus if two metres is not possible)
  • Frequently clean objects and surfaces used regularly, such as card machines, trolleys and door handles
  • By law, businesses must remind people to wear face coverings on premises where they are required (unless the customer is exempt), for instance using signage or a verbal reminder. Some people don’t have to wear a face covering including for health, age or equality reasons. Businesses should be mindful and respectful of such circumstances (individuals do not routinely need to show written evidence of this, such as an exemption card).
  • Be direct about any plans for reopening. You could do this through your social media channels, your website or a sign in your window. Setting out a plan will give customers confidence that you’re prepared for opening.

For more advice and guidance about how you can keep your business compliant during coronavirus speak to the team at Spectra.

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