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Talk to Spectra today 0161 926 8519

Transport & Logistics

An increasing amount of freight is now being moved by self-employed workers on a subcontracted basis, with a trend towards owner-driver HGVs and smaller delivery vehicles. Additionally, a number of new companies have entered the market and established businesses have seen major growth.

But business growth brings its own issues, particularly in terms of managing staff.

Employers like you want to get the best out of their people but still operate within the constraints of both health and safety and employment law.

Spectra’s expertise in the specialist areas of transport and logistics mean that we understand the issues in your trade so that we can help you to achieve your health and safety and employment law aims.

To find out more about what we do for other businesses in your sector, please call Spectra on 0161 926 8519.

We understand the issues you face in attracting and retaining younger employers.

With the average driver’s age reckoned to be in the mid-fifties: having up to date and well-crafted contracts of employment and safe systems and procedures at work will help to create more attractive working environments.

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