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Kickstarting recruitment

Lots of things got put on hold during lockdown. But as for many, business begins to come back to life, some organisations are kickstarting their recruitment again. And you might be surprised by how much recruitment has changed.

During lockdown a large number of companies paused their recruitment, there were, of course, some notable exceptions such as Amazon and Morrisons. However, for most organisations recruiting was not an option, for a number of reasons:

  • because employers needed to set up a remote working process for existing employees, taking their attention away from other areas such as recruitment
  • fewer customers and less revenue meaning that there was no requirement to hire new team members
  • and huge uncertainty about their organisations future, therefore not wanting to recruit people to see them soon out of work

There are many factors, here’s just a few. But recruitment paused.

So how might it have changed?

There is less of a reliance on a face-to-face interview, and instead, employers are turning to remote screening processes, even for shortlisted candidates There are specific video interviewing platforms available but platforms like Zoom are more than adequate.

Something to except when you do post a job advert is an increased amount of applications. Businesses going into administration and employees being made redundant means a huge surge in the number of job seekers looking for work, with many candidates willing to adjust their expectations in order to secure work.

Diversity in applications is on the increase, many job seekers are now applying for roles that they have never worked in their life meaning you’re more than likely to have a big administration job on your hand shortlisting potential candidates.

If you’d like some assistance establishing or reviewing your homeworking policies or support with recruitment we can help – face-to-face or online.

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