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May Day 2020

Due to the 75th anniversary of VE day in 2020, the Government have announced a nationwide change to Bank Holidays next year.

May Day is usually the first Monday in May, but in 2020, to coincide with National VE Day commemorations, the Bank Holiday is being moved to Friday 8th May.

What are the implications?

How this affects your business will depend on several factors:

Whether your business is usually open on a bank holiday

Whether you have part time employees in the business

How you calculate annual leave for part time employees

As this is a direct swap of days, there is no need to calculate full time entitlements any differently. There will still be 8 public and bank holiday days which all employees are entitled to on either a full time or part time basis.

Working on Bank Holidays

If you are an organisation which is usually open on a Bank Holiday such as retail, hospitality or the emergency services, then your normal holiday policy will probably cover you for any variation in days. What you need to be mindful of is the actual days any shift workers are scheduled to work and what actually comes out of their holiday allowance.

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