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New partner – OH-ONE

OH-ONE are an Occupational Health provider who specialises in supporting businesses promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers in all occupations. We can support businesses up and down the country with the following services:

Health Surveillance: we deliver this for environments where the job could impact on the persons health or vice-versa where they may require annual health checks r.e vision, lung function etc. This is £398 and would normally be for between 8-10 employees.

Occupational Health Management Referrals: We will provide the assessment and full report, we do this slightly differently to other providers we tier our costs for these based on the requirements of the referral. By doing this, if it is a basic report with straight-forward recommendations we charge less than for a complex case that might require a Dr consultant. However we can explain this in more detail but the aim is for the price to befit the work required and offer the employer more insight and value for money on the referral and assessment. The 3 separate prices are £148, £198 and £298 per assessment, the £298 costs requiring a Dr Consultant intervention. We also offer a follow up call with the clinician to ask any additional information which is all built into the cost of the assessment too. All of these can be delivered remotely.


Mental Health for Managers: £950 for an online 3hr session – up to 15 attendees per session with a qualified mental health clinician who will provide practical advice and guidance for managing mental health in the workplace, how to recognise behaviour changes within staff members, how to navigate these conversations but also how to protect their own mental health as well. We will get feedback prior to the session and make it bespoke to the organisation and cover any key areas required. It is very interactive and has scenarios built in to practice what has been trained.

Counselling Services: Starting from £75 per session – Our unique physical and mental health services support individuals to fulfil their potential through high, quality advice, guidance and health action planning. We offer 3 specific types of counselling which can be explained in more detail upon request however all of our services are delivered by qualified, experienced, BACP Registered counsellors.

If you would like more information please email: or call: 07936946769

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