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Pregnant Worker Guidelines

Current guidelines from the Government for the safety of pregnant workers highlight the extra-precautionary measures to be taken for those who are 28 weeks pregnant and beyond. Similar precautions are needed for those who are pregnant at any gestation period if they have an underlying health condition that puts them at greater risk of severe illness from coronavirus. The advice explains that there is an increased risk of becoming severely ill and of pre-term birth for those who contract the virus.

The government’s advice is one step away from ordering that these workers stay at home. It begins by stating that employers should ensure adherence to “any active national guidance on social distancing” and goes on to suggest that homeworking may be necessary “for many workers”. Then with more conviction it states, “All employers should consider both how to redeploy these staff and how to maximise the potential for homeworking, wherever possible. Where adjustments to the work environment and role are not possible employers are told to suspend the employee on paid leave.”

Based on this guidance, consider stopping all work other than homeworking for those who are 28 weeks pregnant and others who have declared underlying health conditions.

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