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Procuring occupational health support

The HSE has published web-based guidance on what to look for when purchasing occupational health services.

Occupational health services are used by employers in a number of circumstances, including:

  • to understand whether an employee is fit for the job, that can be at the recruitment stage, or changing job role within your company
  • to evaluate whether an employees condition would be made worse by continuing in a role
  • to identify any reasonable adjustments which are required to accommodate a disability or long-term health condition
  • and, to deliver a health surveillance programme such as checking for hearing loss or hand-arm vibration symptoms.

Health surveillance is often carried out to confirm that health protection measures in the workplace are effective.

The first step when you are looking to hire the services of an occupational health specialist is to write down exactly what your needs are. The second step is to obtain details of the provider’s experience in the issues you have identified. If you have specialist areas of risk, such as welding or work in confined spaces, check if prospective providers have worked in your industry. And always ask for references. At Spectra we can help you with this, just speak to your consultant for details and we can make the necessary introductions for you.

In your selection process, ask for copies of professional qualifications and evidence of continuing professional development and you may want to request that a service level agreement is put into place.

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