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Recent major fires highlight the need for regular risk assessments

In the UK we have seen a number of serious fires break out over the past two years, from the Grenfell Tower tragedy to yesterday’s major blaze at the Primark store in Belfast.

Whilst it will be some time before we learn about the how the blaze was started in the Primark store, fortunately, no-one was injured. However, early investigations into the major blaze at the historic Glasgow School of Art in June 2018, the renovated Mandarin Hotel in the same month, and the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower tragedy pointed to a lack of fire safety.

A thorough risk assessment conducted by a competent person will identify issues that can contain the breakout of a fire. And with questions continuing to be raised about the outdated ‘stay put’ policy, more focus is being placed on the ‘means of escape’. For such key policy decisions, we would always recommend you speak to a fire safety expert to identify potential problems and offer safer solutions to cover the evacuation.

Fire safety begins with detailed risk assessments

Risk assessments are not red tape, anything to fear, or costly to implement in your business. They are designed to protect your employees, members of the public and the premises by spotting potential hazards, identifying risks and highlighting anything that could contribute to the blaze spreading.

Recent fires serve as a reminder to regularly update fire safety policies, for both commercial and residential premises.

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a conversation with one of our fire safety experts on 0161 926 8519.

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