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Recording video meetings

Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams to name but a few, communication tools that many of us are now familiar with, for lots of people, probably too familiar! They certainly have helped teams stay in touch, continue working and have filled the void of physical team meetings and events. But what about recording meetings, where do you stand?

If you have employees who are working from home it may be tempting to record meetings automatically, because it might be handy for team members who are unavailable at the time. However, it’s important to point out there is a risk here.  Where a video meeting is recorded, it will automatically amount to personal data for all the attendees and third-parties who are identified e.g. clients, prospective employees or former employees.

Where certain topics are discussed, for example sickness absence, the video will compromise sensitive personal data.  The same is also true if certain protected characteristics can be seen on or assumed from the recording.

Wherever there is personal data and sensitive personal data you will find the GDPR. The GDPR states that personal data must only be processed where it is justified, and any processing must be limited to what is necessary.

Recording employees’ video calls and meetings is best avoided. Not only does the recording amount to personal data but an individual appearing in the recording, or an identifiable third-party would be entitled to request a copy of it, even where the employee had given consent for the recording. Think about where the video could end up, posted online, handed to a competitor or used in tribunal or court proceedings.

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