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Refreshing your safety training

Often, companies will provide health and safety training to their employees at the start of their employment, but they may forget to refresh this knowledge as the years pass.

When a new employee begins their employment journey with you, you’ll want to provide some induction training. There will be basics to cover such as your fire procedure, signing in and out and accident and sickness reporting. In many cases you’ll add to this, e.g. with specific safe systems of work and how to obtain personal protective clothing. However, very few employees will remember everything they are told and furthermore they might begin to believe that certain rules don’t really matter.

This is one reason why refresher training on basic health and safety is important. The other factor to consider is that situations change. Your workplace might be functioning very differently under coronavirus precautions than it did previously and you can use refresher training to remind staff of existing rules and requirements, and to cover the changes that you’ve implemented.

Refresher training frequency is not included in health and safety legislation. This is because there are many different variables in each workplace and job role. It’s therefore a decision to be made by every employer.

Consider scheduling refresher health and safety training on a predetermined frequency. For a low-risk workplace a three-year gap between training could be justified, whereas in a higher risk workplace undertake this annually.

If you are unsure about the type of training you should be delivering and when, get in touch with a member of the team. There are a number of ways we can support you.

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