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Safely getting you back to work

As the Covid-19 crisis begins to ease, you will need to think carefully about how to manage safely the process of returning employees to the workplace.

The Government has hinted that the relaxation of lockdown measures and any return to normal working life will be gradual and implemented on a phased basis.

The health and safety risks arising from Covid-19 primarily arise from person to person contact, transmission through close proximity to infected individuals, and surface transmission. This means it is vital that you consider what steps can be taken to minimise the risk of the virus entering its premises and infecting your employees and visitors and, if it does, having a quick response to stop it spreading.

To get ahead and ensure readiness for employees returning to work it is essential for employers to engage now.

What support is available?

Remote Health and Safety Audit 

Arrange a remote site-safety inspection to provide reassurance to your employees that you are following World Health Organisation and UK Government guidelines and that you can ‘re-open’ with appropriate safeguarding measures in place.

Return to Work Guidance Pack

  • Guidance for businesses during the coronavirus pandemic
  • A branded risk assessment specific to your operation
  • A Covid-19 cleaning risk assessment
  • Posters for around the workplace

Remote HR Support

You will still have lots of unanswered questions regarding your employees, not least concerning: furlough claims, returning employees from furlough leave, which employees first, what happens to people on probation, restructuring and redundancies.

If you would like a conversation about your current safety and people challenges you can contact us on 0161 926 8519.

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