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Talk to Spectra today 0161 926 8519

GDPR Audit

Following the introduction of GDPR and change in the law, it is more important than ever to ensure your company is meeting its’ legal obligations. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) requires all companies to be fully compliant and any Company who fails will risk a large on the spot fine, regardless of the size of their business.

Let our experienced consultants carry out your GDPR audit. We will capture and document your compliance status, present back a detailed report of our findings and make recommendations to cover the critical aspects of GDPR with a focus on your people including:

  • Security of data – physical and IT, access, training and reporting incidents.
  • Records management – Processing data: how you collect data; keep it up to date; how long it’s held and how it’s disposed of, including monitoring of staff and implications of the Human Rights Act.
  • Subject Access Requests (SARs) – How SARs are handled or one-off requests from other organisations. What training you provide and how you record requests and respond.

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