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Legionella Responsible Person 2-day Course

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The course gives delegates the skills and technical knowledge to implement, manage and review appropriate control measures and risk management strategies specific to hot and cold-water systems, and other engineered water systems that may present a risk in accordance with the HSE’s ACOP L8, and the HSE guidance documents HSG274 Parts 2 and 3.

Who is the course aimed at?

This 2-day training course has been designed for those involved in managing the risk of legionella bacteria in water systems that pose a reasonably foreseeable risk. They may include (but are not limited to) Duty Holders, Responsible Persons / ‘Deputy Responsible Persons and Landlords.

Course content:

Day 1:

  • What is Legionella and Legionellosis?
  • Knowledge of the origins of Legionnaires’ Disease, legionella bacteria and the multiplication factors which allow it to proliferate in engineered water systems
  • Introduction to Legionella Management
  • The Risk Assessment and Written Scheme of Control
  • The role of ‘Duty Holder’ and ‘Responsible Person’
  • HSE HSG274 Part 2: Technical Guidance Control of Legionella Bacteria in Hot and Cold-Water Systems

Day 2:

  • HSE HSG274 Part 3 – “Legionnaires’ Disease – Technical Guidance: The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Other Risk Systems
  • Practical control and management of legionella
  • Water sampling analysis
  • Practical control of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers

Legionella updates including:

  • Latest statistics
  • High profile outbreaks and review where the scheme of control failed
  • Guidance updates including releases from December 2013 (HSG 274)

Final Assessment

This course has been developed to meet the latest standards for training required by the UK’s safety regulators and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The course is fully compliant with ACOP L8, HSG274, HTM 04-01 and HTM 01-05.

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