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The Government’s Skills and Careers Test and Looming Redundancies

The Government’s newly created skills and careers assessment tool has been mocked by many people completing the test, with suggestions that users may want to retrain as a bingo caller, microbrewer and even a fairground worker!

People have been taking the quiz after Chancellor Rishi Sunak suggested that many workers, including those in the arts, may have to “adapt” to find work in a post-coronavirus pandemic world.

The reality is that companies are cutting hundreds of thousands of jobs as Covid-19 continues to hit the economy. The unemployment rate is rising even as people return to their workplace following the easing of restrictions. For many businesses it is set to get much worse with the onset of regional lockdowns and greater restrictions around movement.

Spectra are supporting several companies which are now undertaking restructuring exercises, because of the business being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

When undertaking a redundancy exercise one of the requirements is that the business reviews whether the person at risk could be moved into a different role. Could they be supported to do so with some training?

Before getting to a point where you need to restructure, how often do you undertake a skills needs analysis, how often do you review whether or not the skills within your team align with the objectives of your business plan?

If redundancy is a real possibility for your business there are several ways that Spectra can help:

  • Establishing if you have a genuine reason for making a post redundant and a business case that will withstand the scrutiny of your staff and an Employment Tribunal.
  • Considering other options.
  • Helping you to carry out a fair selection process
  • Guiding you along the consultation process and your legal obligations.
  • We can manage the process from start to finish, hold the meetings on your behalf or support you to run the meetings and, we will also produce all of the redundancy calculations and associated letters.

Speak to a member of our team if you would like more information.

And to take the Government’s skills and careers assessment visit:

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