Minimise risks, ensure compliance, and focus on building success with our CDM Principal Designer service

Just think: your construction project running smoothly, with safety woven into every step. No panicked calls about accidents, no regulatory snags, just progress and all thanks to smart planning and proactive risk management. Sound like a dream? This is the power of a competent Principal Designer on your side.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) are no joke. In the UK alone, thousands of construction projects fall under its scope every year, and require the client to appoint a Principal Designer on any project where more than one contractor is involved (which is pretty much all of them). If you as a client don’t appoint a Principal Designer then you will automatically take on the role and the responsibilities. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines, project delays, and even worse, avoidable injuries. That’s where Spectra steps in.

We’re not just award-winning CDM consultants with 25+ years of construction expertise; we’re your construction project’s guardian angel.

As your Principal Designer, we’ll delve into your project, understanding its intricacies and potential hazards. We create a watertight safety plan, coordinate contractors, and proactively manage risks throughout the design and construction phases.

Think of us as your safety compass, navigating the complex landscape of CDM regulations. We ensure your project meets all legal requirements, from appointing competent contractors to conducting risk assessments and managing health and safety information. But we go beyond compliance; we build a culture of safety within your team.

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Why choose Spectra as your Principal Designer?

Spectra are an award-winning CDM Consultancy offering Principal Designer services on a nationwide basis with over 25 years experience of the construction sector.

We are Corporate members of the Association of Project Safety and have experience of working on projects ranging from 500 million pound development schemes, to refurbishment projects and civil engineering projects, through to commercial house building and anything in between.

Spectra Principal Designers role is to work with you as a part of your project team to allow us to understand your requirements in a practical and business focused way, allowing you to meet your CDM obligations and ensure a safe and well managed project that’s delivered on time, and on budget.

Need broader health and safety support, or SSIP Accreditation? We offer these too.

Having worked with Matthew for little under a year, we always are kept informed and responded to promptly on queries. Both Matthew and Lee have been helpful and professional making engaging with Spectra an easy process.

Spectra have been approachable and flexible with our new developments and changes with start dates.

D Cox – Project Manager

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