Risk assessments, method statements, COSHH, RIDDOR, near-miss reporting, and maintaining compliance – managing safety without structure can be a real drain. Enter ISO 45001.

Managing anything gets easier once you give it structure, especially when that structure is built on the foundations of systems and procedures that lead to repeatable, predictable outcomes. Take safe systems of work: once everyone understands the way the job has to be performed in order for it to be done safely, it makes it easier for work to be completed in a standardised way every time, in which nobody gets hurt. A certified ISO 45001 safety management system brings all that and more, and delivers significant benefits:

18% reduction in absenteeism: A study by the British Occupational Health Society (BOHS) found that companies which implemented ISO 45001 experienced an average reduction of 18% in absenteeism due to work-related injuries and illnesses

28% reduction in accident rates: A study by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) found that UK companies with ISO 45001 certification experienced an average reduction of 28% in their accident rates within two years

Improved employee morale and engagement: A study by the University of Manchester found that employees working in companies with strong safety cultures (often associated with ISO 45001) reported higher levels of job satisfaction and motivation

It goes without saying that, here at Spectra, we recognise the value that ISO 45001 certification can bring when it comes to improving health and safety performance, keeping people safe, and demonstrating your safety management credentials to clients and potential clients – some of which may refuse to work with you if you can’t prove that you take safety seriously.

If you’re thinking of embarking on the journey to developing and implementing an independently certified ISO 45001 safety management system, we can help to guide you along the way with relevant, expert advice.

What do we guarantee you as part of our ISO Certification process?

We guarantee to make the process as simple as possible, and you will have a nominated ISO consultant to work with throughout your journey.

Our simple three step process starts with a GAP analysis on your business, allowing us to tailor your ISO 45001 management system to meet your needs.

Whether you’re new to ISO or experienced in the process, we’ll be right there with you. Need health and safety consultancy? We do that too, 👉 click here for more.

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Boost employee and client confidence

Increase productivity

Lower insurance costs

Foster management involvement & accountability

Reduce risk and Identify opportunities

Stand out as an industry leader

Improve Tender Chances.

Ensure Legal Compliance

Find out how ISO 45001 Certification can help you achieve your business goals

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