Health & Safety shouldn’t be a source of stress for your organisation. Partner with Spectra and experience the difference that a dedicated team of experts can make.

Protect your people, business and reputation: proactive, expert health & safety consultancy solutions

How would you like to rest easy knowing that your processes and systems ensure everyone goes home safely each day, and that compliance with legislation means your business is safe from prosecution?

Running a business is stressful enough, but navigating the labyrinth of health and safety regulations shouldn’t be adding to the sleepless nights. Imagine a world where compliance isn’t a burden, but a building block for success.

We’re your trusted partner in creating a safer, happier, and more productive workplace. No more confusing jargon or paperwork for the sake of it – our expert safety consultants speak your language and tailor solutions to your specific needs.

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Stay ahead of the curve with expert health and safety advice you can trust

Safety legislation is constantly being reviewed and tightened in order to continuously improve workplace safety. Staying on top of that can be a difficult task when it’s not your core business or area of expertise. If you’re running a manufacturing company, for instance, making things should be your mission, not poring over legislative texts about health and safety at work. The trouble is, you have to stay on top of it or run the risk of exposure to fines and prosecution. Our expert health and safety advisors do it for you, keeping themselves current and making sure your processes and systems adapt to new regulations.

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Proactive health and safety management: not as costly as the alternative

In 2022/23, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) completed 216 criminal prosecutions for health and safety offences, with a 94% conviction rate. In March 2023, one company was fined a whopping £2.3 million for safety breaches that put employees at risk of serious injury and death, the highest fine handed down for a single charge in recent years.

Get a tailored fit, not an off-the-peg health and safety consultancy solution

You might be in the same industry as lots of other businesses, but yours is unique. The work you do and the way you do it, your people, your culture – these are all different. That’s why our outsourced safety management services are designed around you and your needs. Risk assessments? Specific to you and the task in hand, not some generic version scraped off the internet. Health and safety policies? Crafted so they reflect your workplace and aspirations, rather than committing you to things you’ll never actually be able to do.

Our Health & Safety Consultancy Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Health & Safety services designed around your business needs, including:

  • Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Health & Safety Inspections and Audits
  • Health & Safety Policies and Procedures for Employers
  • Formulation of Risk Assessments and Workplace Safety Method Statements
  • COSHH Management Systems
  • Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans
  • Landlords/Property Safety Surveys
  • Accident Investigation
  • Health & Safety Training

Pay for peace-of-mind, get compliance by default

It’s true, you need to get and stay compliant with ever-changing health and safety laws, but deep down, what you really want is to rest easy knowing that every i has been dotted, and every t crossed when it comes to workplace safety so that your people, contractors and members of the public that could be affected by your work are protected, and so is your reputation and profitability. That’s what you get when you hire us: compliance by default, peace-of-mind as standard.

Spotting health and safety gaps with proactive compliance audits

As well as keeping you abreast of changes to regulations, your dedicated H&S advisors here at Spectra can also conduct proactive audits to stress-test your compliance with existing legislation, identifying any gaps and making recommendations for closing them so that you’re at less risk of enforcement action should the unthinkable happen and an accident occur. Because the last thing you need when concerned about the welfare of an employee is to be worrying about the possibility of legal action.

Got a burning 🔥question about a safety matter?

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